Test your nutrition knowledge

  • Which of the following nutrients is known as the sunshine vitamin?

    1. Vitamin A

    2. Vitamin D

    3. Vitamin K

  • 1 cup of milk gives you:

    1. 30% of your daily calcium requirements

    2. 50% of your daily calcium requirements

    3. 70% of your daily calcium requirements

  • Which is the richest fruit in vitamin C?

    1. Kiwi

    2. Strawberry

    3. Orange

  • Which of these nutrients is the preferred energy source for the body?

    1. Carbohydrates

    2. Fats

    3. Fiber

  • It is Better to drink water

    1. 30 minutes before meal

    2. 1 hour after meal

    3. Anytime when you feel thirsty

Carla’s Good Food

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Choosing a healthy life style doesn’t necessarily mean frustrating bland and unappetizing food and/or tiny overpriced portions. In fact, Carla’s Good Food  offers a vast range of appetizing and affordable nutritional meals, especially adapted to every person’s needs and taste preferences.

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“Good food ends with good talk.” ~ Jules Renard

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My mother has been watching Carla’s show for the last 7 years and she saw the opening of Carla’s Good Food on TV, so I decided to visit the shop and try the program in order to get rid of the extra weight I gained after I got married. I lost 6 kg the first month and 4 kg the second month. I still have 5 kg to lose. The food is really good and the portions are satisfying.


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There is no better time than the present to consider owning and operating a Carla’s Good Food® franchise! With more than 15 million obese Arabs looking for healthy dieting in the region and while health care professional continue to remind us of the health risks associated with being overweight; why not consider a business opportunity that focuses on helping people experience the enormous benefits of reaching a healthy weight?