Lost 10KGs Since Signing-up With Carla

Interview with Mohammad A. [31 years]

Where did you hear about Carla’s Good Food?

My mother has been watching Carla’s show for the last 7 years and she saw the opening of Carla’s Good Food on TV, so I decided to visit the shop and try the program in order to get rid of the extra weight I gained after I got married.

For how long have you been taking food from Carla’s Good Food?

I started my membership on October 5, 2009.

How many kilos did you lose so far?

I lost 6 kg the first month and 4 kg the second month. I still have 5 kg to lose.

How did you find the food?

The food is really good and the portions are satisfying. The menus also offer a great variety of food so you can always find something you like.

So do you think the diet is easy to follow?

Yes, it is extremely easy. The food is so tasty you don’t even feel deprived. I can have kenafe or mankoushe for breakfast and pizza for dinner. For this reason, it is much easier than other diets because nothing is restricted.

Would you encourage others to follow the same program?

Yes definitely. I am satisfied with the results and I would encourage others to join.

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There is no better time than the present to consider owning and operating a Carla’s Good Food® franchise! With more than 15 million obese Arabs looking for healthy dieting in the region and while health care professional continue to remind us of the health risks associated with being overweight; why not consider a business opportunity that focuses on helping people experience the enormous benefits of reaching a healthy weight?