The pursuit of a healthy lifestyle should be through the conviction that healthy living is gratifying, satisfying and fulfilling. Healthy food should not be regarded with apprehension or the thought that by pursuing healthy eating one is giving up a pleasurable lifestyle of delicious food.

Carla’s Good Food Diet Centre is taking a medical experience, of seeking a dietitian when something is wrong, and turning it into a mainstream everyday norm or habit through our Center Services, Homemade Retail Area, Dine In Area, Delivery Services, Membership Program, Catering Services, and our In-Store Clinic!!

Enjoy Carla’s Healthily Delicious Good Food!

Home-Made Retail Area

A wide selection of homemade products such as jams, pickles, syrups, ketchup, juices, kaak, bakery, crackers, cupcakes, and low fat dairy products are available in our retail area.

Sweets lovers and diabetics can also discover our sinless desserts. Crunchy, creamy and chocolate desserts and guilt free ice cream are prepared in a healthy way. Organic and gluten free items are also offered in the shop from the most reliable outsource suppliers.

Dine In Area & delivery

A dine in area is available with a cozy atmosphere for your healthy breakfast, business lunch or even early dinner with family and friends. Your orders will be delivered to you, anywhere.

Membership Program

Membership programs designed for people with special needs are available. People suffering from excess weight, diabetes, high cholesterol or triglycerides levels, high blood pressure, gluten sensitivity or kidney problems can all benefit from our individualized meal plans. Pregnant or lactating women can also find personalized diet plans.

Catering services

We serve you healthy food to cater for all your events (anniversaries, birthdays, gatherings…), as well as for your Business and Corporate lunches and occasions. We can either deliver to your home or office or you can hold your event in our dine-in area.

In-Store Clinic

Carla’s Good Food clinics are equipped with the Inbody machine which is FDA approved high technology equipment that assesses the body’s fat, muscle and water mass through electrical conductive properties of the biological tissues. Our qualified nutritionist and dietitians encourage people to adopt and sustain healthy eating habits. Customers will be assessed, after being asked to carry out some medical tests, for special weight control and weight management programs. Proper food selection and portion control will be provided depending on each individual’s needs. Customers will be offered continuous follow up with feedback and progress reports as well as ongoing recommendations throughout the whole weight loss process within the program.

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  • Home-Made Retail Area

  • Dine In Area & delivery

  • Membership Program

  • Catering services

  • In-Store Clinic


There is no better time than the present to consider owning and operating a Carla’s Good Food® franchise! With more than 15 million obese Arabs looking for healthy dieting in the region and while health care professional continue to remind us of the health risks associated with being overweight; why not consider a business opportunity that focuses on helping people experience the enormous benefits of reaching a healthy weight?