Why Carla’s Good Food ?

Whom do we deal with?

People of all age groups and with any health condition can benefit from our different programs:

Heart and Cardiovascular Problems: Management of dyslipidemia (cholesterol, Triglycerides…) and hypertension are our concern; through a proper assessment and an accurate meal plan, we will be able to help you manage your problem. Specialized appetizing meal plans that are low in fat and sodium will definitely reverse the situation.

Diabetes: It can occur at any age and should be monitored properly. Maintaining acceptable levels of glucose is possible for Type 1, 2 and gestational Diabetes. We provide specialized meal plans that accommodate your condition.

Kidney problems: Low sodium, potassium, phosphorus and low protein meals are proposed at Carla’s good food to help patients with renal failure maintain a balanced diet.

Pregnancy and lactation phase: Preventing excessive weight gain during pregnancy is essential to prevent complications during labor and ensure optimal newborn health; to help prevent excessive weight gain an appetizing meal plan is provided for pregnant women. Furthermore, a healthy and tasteful diet is also provided for suitable weight loss after delivery and proper nutrition is taken into account for breastfeeding mothers.

Children and adolescent nutrition: Helping children lose or gain weight through delicious and satisfying meals and snacks is provided by Carla’s Good Food. Our meal plans ensure adequate nutrient and vitamin intake that is essential for the normal development of children. Favorite dishes are prepared in a naturally healthy and delicious way, low in fat and calories, without the addition of preservatives or toxic elements.

Weight management: For people who are fed up with boring, tasteless diets, they are invited to join our weight management program that provides a delicious variety of meals with satisfying portions. Our programs will definitely help you lose weight without deprivation and frustration.

Special programs: We also have special programs that cater for specific situations; For example we help improve symptoms for women in menopause (hot flushes…), gastrointestinal problems (flatulence, Crohn disease, Irritable bowel syndrome…), as well as support athletes and many others.

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There is no better time than the present to consider owning and operating a Carla’s Good Food® franchise! With more than 15 million obese Arabs looking for healthy dieting in the region and while health care professional continue to remind us of the health risks associated with being overweight; why not consider a business opportunity that focuses on helping people experience the enormous benefits of reaching a healthy weight?